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The inception of the Aboszol company was in 2009, from the employees of theWienerberger brickyard.

The company's main scope of activities is the services to buildings. Our employees ensured the progressive working of the brickyard and maintained machines

The firm has disposal of the equipments and technicians that is necessary for ourservices.

The machines of the Aboszol company: • 3 piece of a bench lathe (EU630/3000 EU500/2000 EU400/1500) • 1 piece of an universal miller • 2 piece of a columnar drill • 1 piece of an bucksaw • welders ( AC/ DC) • autogenous welders • bandsawing machine • hand-tools • testers. • 3 piece of a fork lift (diesel) 1,5t-4t SIEMENS S5 PLC , with the requiredprogramming devices and acknowledge. • 1 Ford Tranzit van with offset, even for transporting 7 people. • cutting workshop 68m2 • locksmith workshop 51m2 • electrician workshop 25 m2 • roofed hall 2500 m2 • roofed szín 1500 m2